Catharsis Bedouin

A TrueType font created by Christian Thalmann (cinga at gmx dot
net). Distribute and use freely, but not without this readme file.
If you should use it for a poster campaign, flyer, invitation or
something, I'd appreciate it if you'd send me an e-mail about it.
I like to see my work put to use. =)

This particular font is more complex to use than my usual ones.
Every letter has an initial, medial and final form so as to allow
fluent words with nice beginnings and ends. Some letters have even
more forms for special situations. Finally, there are a bunch of
accents and word primers/terminators for decoration.

The keyboard setup is extremely simple to learn on a Mac. Just
switch to the American keyboard setting, and all medial letter
forms will lie on lowercase letter keys, all initial ones on
uppercase keys, and all final ones on ALT+letter keys. The German
umlauted letters are found in their standard positions on the
German or Swiss German keyboard setting, i.e. on the ' ; [ keys of
the American keyboard. A more complete inventory follows below.

On a PC, you might need to use an ASCII table or Unicode commands
to type. Or then somebody could write up a nice Java program to
convert text into the fitting code? Not my job, anyway. :o)

IF YOU WANT TO KEEP IT SIMPLE, you can restrict yourself to
initial (uppercase) and medial (lowercase) letters, using the
handy terminators (on the grave accent key, ie the grave accent
and ASCII tilde characters) to cap off any trailing connecting
base line. This should be easy enough to do even on a PC.

-- Christian Thalmann

Special characters inventory

(i)=initial, (m)=medial, (f)=final; S=shift, A=alt

Bedouin Character Mac Keyboard Correspondent Character
Bound exclamation mark S 1 !
Free exclamation mark A 1 inverse !
Bound question mark S / ?
Free question mark A / divide
Bound comma (f) , ,
Bound period (f) . .
Bound comma (i) S , <
Bound period (i) S . >
Bound inv. period (i) A , less or equal
Bound inv. period (f) A . greater or equal
Free comma S A , macron
Free period S A . breve
Free colon S A ; U acute
Bound apostrophe / /
Bound space A non-breaking space
S A / inverse ?
Free hyphen - -
Bound hyphen A - endash
Bound underscore S - underscore
Bound ornament S A - emdash
Slash S A 1 fraction
Asterisk S 8 *

Terminator (i) ` `
Terminator (f) S ` ascii tilde
Crescent (i) S 9 (
Crescent (f) S 0 )
Scimitar (i) A 9 ord. feminine
Scimitar (f) A 0 ord. masculine
Inv. scimitar (i) S A 9 period centered
Inv. scimitar (f) S A 0 single quote base
Apostrophe (i) A 7 paragraph
S A q OE ligature
Apostrophe (f) S A 7 double dagger
S A a A ring

Dot accent, e-sized \ \
Dot accent, a-sized S \ bar
Dot accent, u-sized A \ guillemet left
Dot accent, sub S A \ guillemet right
Triple accent, e-sized ] ]
Triple accent, a-sized S ] brace right
Triple accent, u-sized A ] quote left
Triple accent, sub S A ] quote right
Breve accent, e-sized = =
Breve accent, a-sized S = +
Breve accent, u-sized A = not equal
Breve accent, sub S A = plus/minus
Crown accent, e-sized S A 6 fl ligature
Crown accent, a-sized S 6 ASCII circumflex
Crown accent, u-sized A 6 section
Candle accent, u-sized S A 5 fl ligature

Long s (m) S A s I acute
Ss ligature (m) S 5 %
Ss ligature (f) A 5 infinity
Tt ligature (m) S A t caron
F ligature (m) S A f I dieresis
L ligature (m) S A l O grave
C cedille (m) A 4 cent
C cedille (i) S A 4 single guillemet right
Solitary a S A ' AE ligature
Solitary i S A [ double quote right
Solitary o A 8 bullet
Solitary u S A 8 degree
Dotless i (i) S 2 @
Dotless i (m) S A 2 currency
Dotless i (f) A 2 trademark
Dotless j (i) S 3 #
Dotless j (m) S A 3 single guillemet left
Dotless j (f) A 3 sterling
Triple dot M (m) S A m A circumflex