Babylon Industrial is based upon the industrial script used
throughout the station on Babylon 5 (from the tv show of the
same name.) The font is in TrueType and Type 1 format. To
use them, please install them using the appropriate software
(i.e. Windows Control Panel, Windows'95 control panel, etc.).

This font was created using Fontographer 3.5. Babylon Industrial
supports all upper-case alphabet keys, numbers and most symbols.

You are more than welcome to distribute these fonts as long
as all files (including the registration.txt and this readme.txt)
are included. If you wish to include them with any font collection
for sale (on disk or CDROM) you must contact the copyright owner
and recieve written permission.

Registered users encourage me to continue developing Alien
Fonts and will be added to the Alien Fonts e-mailing list. I
will send you info on new fonts as I make them and where to
download them!


It will encourage me to develop fonts for the Narn,
Minbari, even the pak'ma'ra (and prove to my mother-in-law I'm
not a bum!)


I would like to hear from you! If there are other alien
race fonts you like to see (Vorlon, Shadow, Grey) and offered as
shareware please drop me a note. Also, please notify me if
anything is seriously wrong with the font!!!!!

Thank you very much,
Be seeing you,

Christopher Novosad
iNFiNiCorp. Transgalactic
2430 Cromwell Circle #1003
Austin, TX 78741 USA


copyright 1996 Christopher Novosad